Siegel Suites Community Policies


  • All rents are payable by noon on their due date, and late charges are assessed at $10.00 per day beginning on your due date.
  • Move out time is 12 noon.
  • We have a strict no refund policy.
  • All Siegel Suites participate in an 86 list program. If you leave with an outstanding balance you will be added to this list and will be considered a "no re-rent" for all Siegel Suites properties until your old balance is current, or you enter into a payment agreement plan.


  • There is a $20.00 cleaning fee for all move-ins, which is non-refundable.
  • There is a $10.00 key fee (non-refundable) for each additional or replacement key requested for all move-ins.
  • All transfers require a $150 non-refundable transfer fee and are subject to inspection of current unit.
  • Pet fees, see pet addendum.
  • Residents are responsible for their guests and children, to include financial responsibility for any damages.
  • A minimum $100.00 pack-out fee will be charged for all pack-outs and $25.00 per day storage fee will be charged for all stored items.
  • All after hours maintenance calls caused by resident misconduct or damage will result in a $100 charge.
  • Lock changes doing normal hours or after hour entry assistance (security letting you in unit) will result in a $50 charge.
  • All rents, fees, and other charges shall be immediately due and owing on their due date and/or when incurred without any prior notice or demand therefore and shall collectively be considered "rent" owed hereunder.

Residents, Guests, and Visitors

  • Maximum occupancy in a Jr one bedroom is two people, in a one bedroom is three people and in a two bedroom is five people. Excessive occupants is cause for immediate no re-rent status/eviction.
  • All guests staying longer than 24 hours need to be registered with the office. All adults must supply a valid State/Government issued I.D.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a registered resident at all times.

Maintenance and Service

  • Preventative maintenance is performed monthly; notice will be posted the day before. Entrance is mandatory.
  • In case of emergency, management or maintenance may be required to enter your apartment immediately without prior notice.
  • Should your apartment require any maintenance, please contact the office. Normally service is completed within 24 hours.
  • Please close all doors and windows when operating your air conditioner or heater. Please turn A/C off when not home.
  • Renters insurance is strongly recommended.
  • Tampering with smoke detectors, fire alarms, or cable is prohibited and you will be charged $50 for any service calls to repair and/or replace them.
  • No alterations are allowed to the apartment. Any requests for reasonable accommodation must be submitted to the office for consideration.
  • You agree to provide property management and/or maintenance entrance to your apartment at all reasonable time and for all reasonable purposes. Property management and/or maintenance will provide 24 hour notice of entry to the apartment, except in case of emergency.

Pools, Spas, Laundry Facilities and other common areas

  • There is no swimming when the pool is closed - please review pool hours. Proper swimming attire is required, no cut offs, jeans, or t-shirts.
  • A parent or legal guardian must accompany persons under 18 while in the pool area. NO ONE under 18 is allowed in the spa at any time.
  • Registered guests may be responsible for no more than two guests and must accompany them at all times.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in any common area.

Safety Policies

  • This is private property intended for use by registered residents.
  • There is no illegal activity permitted at any time. Please notify the office if you notice any suspicious activity on property. Registered residents hereby acknowledge that it is a misdemeanor to commit or maintain a public nuisance as defined in NRS 202.450 or to allow any building or boat to be used for a public nuisance. Any person, who willfully refuses to remove such a nuisance when there is a legal duty to do so, is guilty of a misdemeanor. A public nuisance may be reported to the local sheriff's department. A violation of a building, health or safety codes or regulations may be reported to the government entity in our local area such as the code enforcement division of the county/city government or the local health or building departments.
  • This is private property: firearms are not permitted in public view and loitering is not allowed. Do not congregate on the stairways or balconies.
  • Children under 14 yrs. old must be supervised by a parent or legal guardian at all times. A 9 pm curfew exists for anyone under the age of 18.
  • Walkways and decks must be clear of any personal property; bicycles, grills, etc. cannot be secured to the railings or any outside structure.
  • Blankets and foil are not permitted in windows.
  • No additional cooking appliances are to be used other than what is provided.
  • Clark County fire codes prohibit barbecuing except in the designated BBQ areas. No personal barbeques are allowed.
  • Skateboards, roller blades, scooters, and bicycles are not permitted on any walkway, sidewalk or near parked vehicles.
  • Help keep the landscape beautiful. KEEP OFF THE GRASS!

Courtesy Patrol and Parking

  • Vehicles lacking current registration or parked illegally in a red zone or handicap space, will be subject to towing at the owner's expense.
  • Vehicle repairs are not permitted anywhere in the community.
  • Vehicles must be in good condition and cannot be stored. Vehicles that are in disrepair and/or not moved on a regular basis will be towed.

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