Pay Rent How To

To help make life simpler for you, we encourage you to take advantage of to view your balance and make payments online using your credit card instead of coming into the front office.

How to Make a Payment

1. Sign in using your email address & password.

2. Click “Pay Online & Skip the Line” & a Pop-Up Box will appear.

3. Click Renew and the portal assistant will ask “How Many Nights?” you wish to renew.*

4. After you enter the total nights, the system will generate a payment total.**

5. The front office will apply the payment by the end of day & email a copy of the receipt.


In the event you forget your username (the username is your email address) or password you can complete the registration process again, enter the security code that is sent to your email and gain access to the portal.

You can update your password by clicking ‘Portal Services’ and ‘Change Password’. You will need to create a new password for your account (10 character minimum) and confirm it, then click ‘Set Password’.

For properties with electronic keys, we can have them delivered to you, or if you wish to pick them up,
call us ahead of time and we will have your keys ready when you get here for quick pick-up.

If you experience any issues setting up your account or processing payment, please contact the front desk.

The payment responsibilities remain the same, your rent is late if it is not paid by 12:00p.m. on the day that your rent is due, and will accrue late fees as applicable. If you make a payment after office hours, it will be applied the following business day.

* Paying less than seven (7) nights will add a $5 pro-rate fee to each night, a surcharge and disposal fee to EACH transaction that is processed. If you make a mistake when processing your payment, you must wait for the front office to apply the payment before you can make any additional payments online.

** This total includes a $.95 convenience fee which will be applied to your receipt. Please note this is a 3rd party fee and does not go to Siegel Suites/Select. Any amount paid on your card will assess a 5% fee.