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This is awesome

Reviewed: March 11, 2021

Salvador Duarte

Siegel Suites Virginian

The Virginian is awesome! I have nothing but good to say about this place. The management is very fair and efficient. The staff is great and the location can't be beat. Your right I'm the center of everything and your only steps away from public transportation both for Intercity as well as long distance travel. Amtrak, Greyhound and Flixbus are a block away as well as the riverwalk. If you need a place, check this out. It's affordable and very clean

Elderly Mom

Reviewed: March 5, 2021

DDC Clemens

Siegel Suites Las Vegas Blvd

Place has changed alot since me and my elderly mother moved here is clean and close to downtown , management and staff are great to deal with definitely would recommend


Reviewed: February 15, 2021


Siegel Suites Las Vegas Blvd

Chris is amazing!

This place is great

Reviewed: February 14, 2021

Q'Daun Faulkner

Siegel Suites Tropicana

This place is great it’s quite they have central ac dishwasher plenty of parking no one bothers you me and family love it ,it’s just start but it’s a good one

Your Checkmate property manager

Reviewed: February 4, 2021


Siegel Suites

Hello, I've lived at your checkmate property unit B5 since October and once before and let me tell you why I came back, my name is Tonio Lopez (I'm a OIF & OEF vet with PTSD w/TBI so you'll understand this better). I'm writing to let you know that I'm very grateful to live here because we have such a great manager Miss Victoria Sesma. She's literally the only reason I've stayed this long in one place. I used to call myself a vagabond because I wouldn't stay in one place longer than 3 months, but through the way she takes care of this place it makes it a pretty great place to live, when anything needs to be fixed or looked at or taken care of I know she'll get it done and make it happen. In all honesty I'm kinda happy I found this place. I don't worry about things here really and it's because she does what she does. There's no homeless around, clean area, quiet it's nice in general. Siegel has a stigma that I didn't know about when I first moved here yet I haven't seen anything like that here at Checkmate and I'll tell anyone when asked, that doesn't apply at this one. I was smoking around Christmas time and seen miss Victoria me was going around giving the residents with children jackets for them, that was something that made me respect and appreciate her a whole lot more especially after I asked her about it and her reply was she does it ever year for the kids. Well basically I'm saying you have one hell of a manger here that made me call this place home and that's a big deal to me since after I lost my family and became a vagabond I haven't had one in years. So thank you for having Miss Victoria as the manager here.

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