Siegel Reviews

McDowell is so Quiet

Reviewed: September 5, 2018

Mildred Mitchem

Siegel Suites McDowell

It is very quiet there and no one bothers you. Everyone makes sure you are taken care of.

Cambridge has Great Employees.

Reviewed: September 5, 2018

Victor Garcia

Siegel Suites Cambridge - 3825 Cambridge Ave

Tami is an excellent employee. She treated us with respect and courtesy. I truly want to congratulate her. She is a very nice person

Siegel Suites Tolleson is Very Pleasant

Reviewed: September 4, 2018

Hans Gruebler

Siegel Suites Tolleson

It's a very pleasant place and very secluded. People are nice there, as well. There is good security service and good customer service.

The Virginian is Great

Reviewed: September 1, 2018

Bernard M

Siegel Suites Virginian

It is a very beautiful place and a secured building.

The Manager at Sparks Truly Cares

Reviewed: August 29, 2018

Dallas R

Siegel Suites Sparks

The manager honestly cares who lives in his building; he doesn't put up with nonsense! I always felt my stuff would be safe when I went to work and I always felt safe in my room. Never had a problem!!

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