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I Felt Taken Care Of

Reviewed: April 1, 2019

Donna Price

Siegel Suites Fremont

I stayed at Siegel Suites Fremont for a year when I first moved to Las Vegas. I felt taken care of as well as they could have. Keep in mind this neighborhood can be borderline dangerous, especially at night. It teeters on the edge of the downtown attractions leaning towards a more seedy neighborhood. Security was visibly active, their presence felt strong and believable. Maintenance was decent, always swift and polite. Price was affordable. Office staff were always task oriented, organized, helpful, kind, courteous, friendly and professional. It's not a bad experience unless you have made life choices that prevent you from obtaining peace or make unusual or questionable choices regarding your surroundings given the neighborhood this apartment sits in. Some may not like the type of traffic passing in the neighborhood which is understandable too. Shout out to Hector, Courtney, Sharon and Joe! These are people who have hearts. They make this location especially unique. They are truly shining stars providing an excellent service to Las Vegas and to those who have found Siegel Suites Fremont to be their short or long term home. I know your job is not always easy tending to such a demand, so thank you very much for everything that you do. I for one know that you guys genuinely care about your residents. I'll be straight up. I felt like I was at "home" in many ways during my stay. Thank you!

Virginian is the Best

Reviewed: March 28, 2019

Meggan Fields

Siegel Suites Virginian

It's convenient location couldn't be better for public transportation options(center of Downtown)and free parking is offered at Cal Neva 1 block over. (Transient/Drug/Criminal activity is elevated, but typical for downtown Reno. But can be avoided if you avoid using the back entrance and alley). That being said, there is a secure key card access system in place.A locked entry at the main lobby front door, another key access point in elevators which only takes you to your specific floor, and another key swipe to access your room. So 3 separate key access points to get to ur room, so it's very safe which I like. To top it off there is round the clock Roving security personnel. (Jeff is phenomenal!)

An Appreciation to Staff

Reviewed: March 15, 2019

Mary & Other Tenants

Siegel Suites Tolleson

Please accept this letter of our written expression and appreciation on behalf of your property manager, Ismael Alarcon. Many of us have been around long enough to observe the changes in your management team and the vast variety of tenants that have come and gone over the past years. We realize that it is not always easy managing a housing property with so many diverse cultures under one roof so to speak, and that is why we are taking this opportunity to acknowledge Mr. Alarcon for a job well done. Mr. Alarcon anticipates many problems and addresses them prior to escalation to a crisis. He is quite often seen walking the grounds checking for potential problems and doing follow ups to tenants complaints/concerns. But, most importantly, he makes a conscience effort to maintain a safe enviroment for all of his tenants and their children. Professional, friendly, attentive and committed are the words we use to describe Mr. Ismael Alarcon. With commendations and appreciation we much appreciate him and his team for all their efforts and hard work. We wish him and his team continued success here at Siegel Suites. Thank you.

Great Amenities – Great Place

Reviewed: March 15, 2019

Suzanna Rojas

Siegel Suites Tolleson

First off the office has friendly staff!! There's a laundry room as well as pools and a gym. Great place to get away for as long as you need.

Convenient Location

Reviewed: March 2, 2019

Ronald Roberts

Siegel Suites Twain

I love this place, clean and nicely furnished. Friendly staff and conveniently located between the strip and major shopping centers. I can even walk to the convention center and the sands expo from here (which is the main 2 places that I work at).

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