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Well managed

Reviewed: November 5, 2019

Matt Levinson

Siegel Suites Charleston

Well managed, most residents are nice. Might be a few vagrants hanging around, but they tend to leave residents alone, it's par for the area. Wifi works, but can get bogged down peek hours. Parking can get tight but manageable. Lots in walking distance, plus bus stops right there.

The staff here is amazing

Reviewed: November 5, 2019

Eddie Mansfield

Siegel Suites Boulder Iii

The staff here is amazing Michelle and Saja are good people and run this weekly well. There are no bugs and everyone is friendly. Michelle is very attentive about who lives here and who doesn't there's not much rift raff here at all and when its seen Michelle handles it appropriately. It's always quiet and maintained and safe. Issues in the room are handled swiftly and over all it's probably one of the best in town I've been here 7 months now and there's really never been a serious issue cops have been here in that time 3 or 4 times I know of. Only reason not 5 stars is you.can only polish and paint an old building and rooms so much it's an old property but it's very well kept. Highly recommended

Everyone is always smiling

Reviewed: October 28, 2019

Lauren DiCocco

Siegel Suites Tropicana

Good Morning, I have lived in Siegel Tropicana since January. I just wanted to let corporate know how amazing the staff is. Everyone is always smiling. The office is always helpful and so is maintenance. Last week my refrigerator broke and it was around 6PM. Ty couldn't fix it so he had to bring up another refrigerator all by himself. He was very helpful and I am sure it wasn't easy bringing upstairs alone. I just wanted to bring attention to how helpful the staff is.

Excellent Service!

Reviewed: October 23, 2019

Neshe Raymond

Siegel Suites Boulder

Superb customer service. I had the pleasure of dealing with Leilea and I am more than satisfied. She was so plesant and made checking in such a smooth process. Because of her I highly recommend this location. -A highly satisfied customer

My stay has been wonderful

Reviewed: October 23, 2019

Bridget Clayton

Siegel Suites Boulder Ii

My stay has been wonderful, once again no issues. The staff is great, everyone is friendly, respectful and willing to work with you on any problems you are having. I've had a couple issues at night with people congregating outside the building when I come home late, but was quickly resolved by the manager and security. Overall, everything is good

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