Siegel Reviews

Everyone Is Cool

Reviewed: May 4, 2019

Bridget Clayton

Siegel Suites Boulder Ii

I'm still there and have been here for a while. Everyone is pretty cool, and they are always trying to help.

Chill & Clean Spot

Reviewed: May 3, 2019

F. Chavez

Siegel Suites Phoenix

No bugs...been here for a min and haven't even seen 1 bug. Not even in the parking lot which is amazing for an apartment spot! I would suggest for the north side of the building facing the fwy...I would highly recommend this place!!

Love it here!

Reviewed: April 30, 2019

Tina Bell Thomas

Siegel Suites Jackson

I stayed a week. Everything was fantastic!!!!!


Reviewed: April 28, 2019


Siegel Suites Albuquerque

The front desk Sheryl was friendly and very helpful. The rooms are clean and affordable.


Reviewed: April 16, 2019

Willie Anthony

Siegel Suites Paradise

I am so blessed to be here. I lost my job 5 months ago and my money has be very unstable. Elizabeth who is the manager at paradise Siegel suits has been working with me ever since, she has been very empathetic and compassionate about my situation and has a heart of gold. She keeps the property clean and safe everyone here really loves her. Thank you Siegel suits for hiring Elizabeth as your manager, she is someone you can trust. I totally love her and Siegel suits, you guys are the best in the state. P.S. They treat you with respect and the staff is the cream of the crop! You will love it here.

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