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10/10 for Siegel Suites 7th St

Reviewed: May 27, 2018

Joseph Hardin

Siegel Suites 7th St

This is by far the best rental property I've ever stayed/lived at. The employees are super nice, the pricing is about where it should be. If there were an option to add stars, I would. 10/10 will continue to recommend!

Great Staff at Twain 4

Reviewed: May 26, 2018

Tera Jonathan

Siegel Suites Twain IV

I have been staying at the Siegel Suites Twain 4 now for almost 3 months. I have dealt with Courtney V. Since the beginning I have to say she has made my transition moving and living here so much easier. Courtney has always been courteous, outgoing, and walks around with a positive attitude. She stays on top of helping people, and always has an answer to any of my questions. Awesome lady indeed. I feel safe and comfortable living here knowing the staff is so caring and respectful. Thank you!!

Boulder 2 – Thanks!

Reviewed: May 25, 2018

David Johnson

Siegel Suites Boulder II

Thanks, Siegel Suites! Great place and convenient spot which is in a quieter part of LV. Glad to have a nice stay, thanks again!

Hardworking Staff

Reviewed: May 18, 2018

Phil Tuso

Siegel Suites McDowell

Nice property, good location, hard-working staff and a manager that cares


Reviewed: April 30, 2018

Cathy Willingham

Siegel Suites Twain IV - 446 E Twain Ave

I want to compliment one of your staff for the fantastic job she does. I have lived here at Twain 4 for almost a year and frankly the only reason that I picked here to live is because when I first came in looking for a place I meet Courtney. She has a wonderful personality and has always been helpful in any way she can. I have witnessed her spending her own money to buy things for the children that live here. I have donated food to Courtney because I know that she will give it to people in need. Courtney knows her residents and is always looking out for everyone. She has a soft spot for the kids and goes out of her way to ensure they are taken care of. It is a pleasure to have Courtney here, she is someone that you can talk to and it is obvious that she really cares. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly believe that people need recognition for the way they present themselves. You should be proud to have an employee who is such a great advertisement for your corporation.

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