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Stephanie !!!

Reviewed: August 14, 2020

Quelonnie B

Siegel Suites

I just wanted to leave a review about Stephanie !!! she is a true GEM she was very patient and SUPER informative about everything !!!! shes the very best . thank you for making the process soooo easy :)

April is a positive asset

Reviewed: August 13, 2020


Siegel Suites

April is a positive asset to the management at Siegel Suites and Slots. She has stepped up her responsibilities in order to shoulder the duties of the normal supervisor who has been out for a few weeks now. She has such a solid rapport with the guests here that it makes the atmosphere and vibe of the place improve. She has been able to handle the stress of a variety of situations with grace and professionalism. I know in this type of work it is not common to receive positive reviews. Usually people will only take the time out to complain not to give positive feedback. I feel that April deserves praise and recognition for her recent endeavors here at Siegel Slots and Suires at 5011 E Craig Rd. Las Vegas, NV. Thank you for your time in reviewing this entry and for hopefully acknowledging April for her stellar work performance.

I love this place

Reviewed: August 11, 2020


Siegel Suites

I love this place , christ is an awesome manager

Great staff

Reviewed: August 11, 2020


Siegel Suites

The staff is always helpful. The rooms are very affordable

Nice apartment

Reviewed: August 11, 2020


Siegel Suites

I've been living at SS over a year with my Dog, is a nice apartment, utilities included, a little expensive for me but do-able. The management has been absolutely great to me, and Carlin! I want to thank Tim(Mgr)The best Mgr EVER, always polite and caring man very approchable handles issues quickly., Mario( asst mgr),Eric, Rose, Justin and Hugo for always being there, no questions asked. My special thanks to Sharette and Cindy(front office) for going above and beyond their job descriptions. There are some problems, like bugs, but pest control came every Friday for 3 weeks and now I see maybe 2 twice a week. Neighbors are mostly friendly, keep to themselves like I do..They could use some new furniture but it's not a big deal.. All in all it wasn't a bad move.

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