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Reviewed: August 15, 2023


Siegel Suites Senator

I have lived here since February and I love this location our manager and her staff here make this a safe and friendly environment for me my husband and newborn to live. They are friendly and courteous people who genuinely love and care for their tenants. They do an amazing job and we just love them so much. Thank you so much for this team here at this location


Reviewed: July 10, 2023


Siegel Suites Twain Iv

Charita and Gina are great the staff is great. everyone seems to go above and beyond to help no matter the time of day or night

Life Savers

Reviewed: June 1, 2023

Michele Bogue

Siegel Suites Fremont

I would like to thank the management team here at 14th and Fremont for saving my life this morning, I thought i losty keys and couldnt get into my apt. I am on continuous oxygen and my tank was low and i was panicking, luckily Danny, who is a maintenance man, and the manager Jasmine worked quickly and changed mt lock and had me in my place safe and sound in 10 minutes flat. I cannot express my gratitude enough, this one really really could have cost me my life. They always treat me well, but today showed me even more of the goodness here. Peace.

10 Stars

Reviewed: April 10, 2023


Siegel Suites Jackson

Hi i kust wanted to let you guys know the office workers and security guard are always super friendly and helpful i feel they deserve praise and bonuses ive been at the hotel almost a month now with minimal complaints and over load of praise this staff is amazing i feel heard and safe definitely a 10* review

New Mngmt

Reviewed: February 13, 2023


Siegel Suites Checkmate

My husband and I have lived at Checkmate for 10 yrs this yr and have seen many a management change here. Recently Ms Sesma went to a new property. We'll always miss her! I couldn't believe what a great manager we got, Natalie is absolutely wonderful! She can run Checkmate wonderfully, is a delight to talk to and efficient as one could be. We are thrilled Natalie is here and we thank you for placing her here! Just had to email on what a great job she's doing here. And we thank you again! Have a lovely weekend,

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