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Long Term Housing

Reviewed: August 9, 2019

Michael Houlihan

Siegel Suites Virginian

This is an old hotel that has been switched to long term housing. Furnishings and amenities are exactly what you would expect. The building is well maintained, clean and has excellent A/C, Heat and hot water. I have lived here for over a year and I very much like the all inclusive fee.

Great Staff

Reviewed: July 16, 2019

Deborah Miller

Siegel Suites Boulder Ii

Ken, Jayme and Kay are thoughtful and very professsinol workers. I just have great things to say things to say about them.


Reviewed: July 16, 2019

Melissa Alderman

Siegel Suites Phoenix

Great staff, quiet place. Not a lot to do for kids, but the kids here are respectful and its nice to see for a change.

Staff is the Best

Reviewed: July 8, 2019


Siegel Suites Phoenix

The staff at Siegel Suites on 53rd are the best there is. They are always on top of any questions or concerns you may have. Randi, Rochelle, Mark, Starla and Lucy are amazing. In the years that I have been renting, I can truthfully say that it is reasonable in price, the staff are friendly, the team keep it clean and the security keep it a safe place to live. I have never had a bad experience living here. It was a blessing for us at the time of need to have the opportunity to move into one of their units on short notice.

Ms. Robin is so Nice and Helpful

Reviewed: July 8, 2019

Estelle Ellison

Siegel Suites Charleston

Ms. Robin gets things fixed in the apartment quickly. She is a blessing to Siegel Suites. You couldn’t have found a better person for us. She smiles and speaks to you every day.

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