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Management is Easily 5 Stars

Reviewed: October 2, 2018

Rich AH

Siegel Suites Sparks

Siegel Suites Sparks is an excellent place to reside, close to many good food locations. Close to the Freeway and not far from Reno or California. The staff are friendly and accommodating and the property Manager is great (really good individual). I give the staff and Management easily a five star rating.

Siegel Suites Paradise

Reviewed: October 2, 2018

Nick Clark

Siegel Suites Paradise

I have been a guest at Siegel Suites Paradise 2000 paradise rd for a month shy of 3 years and it saddens me to leave, but I'm moving to the southwest part of town this week. The purpose of this e mail is to express my utmost appreciation of your staff led by Elizabeth Miceli, the property manager. I shared an email to you in the summer when they replaced my AC unit with a brand new one and I had a very pleasant 3 year stay with you guys. They were like family, professional and courteous and I thought that I would say "thank you" for making me feel at home during my stay!

Boulder II is Great

Reviewed: September 30, 2018

Clayton Lee

Siegel Suites Boulder II

I think it's great. It's far from any other weekly which is good thing. Ken is actually awesome and I wish more people were tough but caring like him on earth. I liked the field to play in and the huge pool and the creek where I used to watch the hummingbirds eat every morning while walking my dog. Also the view is amazing watching the moon come up over the palm trees you feel like your the only person in the world. Also the pool area has 29 palms which is nice.

The Virginian is Wonderful

Reviewed: September 27, 2018

Michelle Goodman

Siegel Suites Virginian

Clean, convenient, safe & a great location. Norma is very nice. Smoke free, no loitering. Next door to City Hall.

Simply the Best!

Reviewed: September 27, 2018

Pete Parent

Siegel Suites

I just wanted to say i have stayed in many weekly hotels, apt's, etc. I moved into Siegel Suites Sahara back in March . key word stayed ! I actually have been living here for 9 months and i do mean living. The apt. is more than enough room not to mention cozy. The staff starting with the manager (Joe) staff (Jackie) Maintenance (Jeff & Paul) have made my apt. a home ! Not only very courteous but have taken care of any needs or wants immediately . People like what is employed here you cant pay them enough let alone train them to be as professional and caring as they are ! Siegel Suites Sahara hit the jackpot with there employees . I almost forgot never have I seen any bugs of any kind here and overall is very quiet . SIMPLY THE BEST ! Budget, Americana, Emerald Suites can'even come close to the hospitality and amenities here at Siegel Suites Sahara I can only imagine how nice there Select Suites must be like ... Thank you all so very much I plan on living here for quite some time.

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