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Simply the Best!

Reviewed: September 27, 2018

Pete Parent

Siegel Suites

I just wanted to say i have stayed in many weekly hotels, apt's, etc. I moved into Siegel Suites Sahara back in March . key word stayed ! I actually have been living here for 9 months and i do mean living. The apt. is more than enough room not to mention cozy. The staff starting with the manager (Joe) staff (Jackie) Maintenance (Jeff & Paul) have made my apt. a home ! Not only very courteous but have taken care of any needs or wants immediately . People like what is employed here you cant pay them enough let alone train them to be as professional and caring as they are ! Siegel Suites Sahara hit the jackpot with there employees . I almost forgot never have I seen any bugs of any kind here and overall is very quiet . SIMPLY THE BEST ! Budget, Americana, Emerald Suites can'even come close to the hospitality and amenities here at Siegel Suites Sahara I can only imagine how nice there Select Suites must be like ... Thank you all so very much I plan on living here for quite some time.

Swenson II is Nice and Quiet

Reviewed: September 24, 2018

Emily B

Siegel Suites Swenson II

The newer building is very nice and quiet. The office staff has been super helpful and very friendly, if you need a temporary place to stay I would definitely recommend the newer building. I hope the rest of the property gets a makeover soon. It would be great for all the folks who stay here.

Boulder III – So Clean!

Reviewed: September 21, 2018

Alguem S.

Siegel Suites Boulder III

Nice apartment!! Clean and there's no bugs, so that is amazing!!! The money is worth it. The pool and gym room are nice. And, the employers always helpful . I love it.

Twain II is so Spacious!

Reviewed: September 15, 2018

Sincere Taylor

Siegel Suites Twain II

Spacious rooms and parking. Handicap accessible everything and great service.

The Staff and the Property are Amazing

Reviewed: September 14, 2018

Pat Driscoll

Siegel Suites Albuquerque

I arrived at Siegel Suites on Hotel Circle in Albuquerque on September 27, 2017, for a two week stay while I finished repairs on a house. My experience at Siegel Suites just keeps getting better. There were plenty of advantages at the start; the immediate, no hassle, flex stay, one payment, furnished including a full size fridge & microwave, enabled me to straddle what proved to be an 11 plus month fence knowing I had the essentials in place. But beyond that, Tammy Jordan-Kimball, Kerry Toles, Beverly Blankenship Cox & others provided a community that kept me from being isolated during a particularly challenging time. Siegel, through Tammy, Kerry, Beverly & Mr Security ;-), works hard to provide the best atmosphere possible in the less than ideal circumstances many of us find ourselves! They do that practically, in terms of improvements & maintenance, but they also do it by handling the many details of housing & the challenges of sharing space with strangers that would presently be overwhelming for me & for all of that I am deeply grateful!

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