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Reviewed: April 16, 2019

Willie Anthony

Siegel Suites Paradise

I am so blessed to be here. I lost my job 5 months ago and my money has be very unstable. Elizabeth who is the manager at paradise Siegel suits has been working with me ever since, she has been very empathetic and compassionate about my situation and has a heart of gold. She keeps the property clean and safe everyone here really loves her. Thank you Siegel suits for hiring Elizabeth as your manager, she is someone you can trust. I totally love her and Siegel suits, you guys are the best in the state. P.S. They treat you with respect and the staff is the cream of the crop! You will love it here.

Great Place for Kids

Reviewed: April 15, 2019

Bill Williams

Siegel Suites Mlk

Its more like a apartment setting than a hotel like the others. Staff is very friendly, grounds are kept nice and the price is decent. If you have kids, I would recommend it because like I said it's more like an apartment setting and there's places for them to ride their bikes and walk around on the grounds rather than being out on the street exposed to traffic.

I Felt So Welcomed

Reviewed: April 14, 2019

Ana Salo

Siegel Suites Tolleson

The girls in the office are so nice and make you feel welcomed. The property is very clean as is rooms. They have full size refrigerators even in the studios which is awesome plus cable and reasonable rates. I would recommend to anyone.

Fantastic Place to Live!!!

Reviewed: April 12, 2019

Richard and Joy

Siegel Suites Tropicana

My husband and I are two artists that move around a lot. Flexible stay apartments are a must for us. We are so pleased that there are wonderful options like the Tropicana Siegel Suites. We love all the ladies at the front desk. They are extremely organized with the packages and mail. We get a lot of mail sent and they make it a nice experience to pick up the mail. Candice, Shani and Sasha are so sweet and funny. They always put a smile on my face when I leave the office. It’s a busy job and they all do a fantastic job at accommodating to the tenants needs. We have lived at a lot of flexible stay apartments and this one by far is the best one. It has a fantastic location and great community. The apartment grounds are always clean. The maintenance and housekeepers keeps it so nice and clean. The pool is fantastic and kept up. The laundry facilities are clean and the machines work great. We have nothing but good words to say about the Tropicana Siegel Suites. I would and do recommend it to anyone looking for a flexible stay apartment.

Great Place in Phoenix

Reviewed: April 8, 2019

E. Traven

Siegel Suites Phoenix

Prices are fair. Maintenance responds to requests quickly. Staff is friendly and approachable.

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