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Great Stay

Reviewed: July 27, 2018

Randy Gilmore

Siegel Suites Suites Albuquerque

I just wanted to express my feeling after staying in Siegel Albuquerque. During the rainstorm last night i saw one guy walking outside. When he came inside the hotel he greeted me and ask if everything was ok. I told him everything is ok and ask him what was he doing outside in that thunder and rainstorm. He told me he is the Manager and making sure that the hotel and the residents were safe. If this is the commitment level of Siegel Employees where ever i go during my travel I would like to stay with Siegel Hotels and Apartments. Apart from that, the front desk staff is very friendly as well as the rooms are nice and clean.

Great Staff

Reviewed: July 23, 2018

heather thompson

Siegel Suites Twain II - 955 E. Twain Ave

my experience while staying at Siegel suites twain two while visiting Las Vegas was pleasant.from check-in to my last night there, the office staff well can be silly at times and still stay very professional to the young man who showed me the unit was very polite as we walked to building where i would be living for the next few weeks he provided good information on the various places I can get basic living needs. The apartment itself was I will admit it was nicely cleaned thank you to the housekeeper who did an awesome job, any problems that I had bothered the maintenance staff with was taken care of

Long Term Satisfied Guest

Reviewed: July 21, 2018

Nicholas Clark

Siegel Suites Siegel Suites Paradise

I have been staying at Siegel Suites Paradise for 2 and a half years. I don't care to much for the area, however, your staff here have made me feel like family and i now call it home. I work full time and i try my best to be a responsible member of society. That said, any requests or needs involving my stay here, have been addressed with courtesy by polite and professional staff members from the manager (Liz), down to the maintenance personnel who greet me by name. I have no reason or plans to leave here and felt like recognizing the hard work from the ones who make me feel at home. Thank you Siegel!

Great View and Great Amenities

Reviewed: July 19, 2018

Sean Michael

Siegel Suites Siegel Suites Sparks

Renovated old Victorian Inn I believe, either way previous motel converted to studios, separate bath, also rented with full upright fridge, flat screen TV and cable television. Wi-Fi is available for a small weekly fee, on site security, pool during summer season, conveniently located right at the heart of downtown Sparks. Great view on July 4th, Hot August Nights, Rib cook off and many more seasonal events. Friendly Staff on site

So Peaceful!

Reviewed: July 17, 2018

Rika Dawson

Siegel Suites Craig

The staff was great the room was a good size great rate and everything was peaceful. Siegel suites Craig and Sahara are by far the best in the city.

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