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Reviewed: August 4, 2020


Siegel Suites

Stephanie at the Mlk location was very friendly, helpful and informative she answered all my questions and did a great job would love to stay at this location it's a nice property and the staff is caring


Reviewed: July 29, 2020


Siegel Suites

There are NOT enough words to Express my appreciation for this Location I WORK for Siegel here at Boulder 2 they have literally saved my Life and living situation I'm forever Grateful Large thanks to COURTNEY and KAY and to the house keeping TINA I am impressed thanks siegel for everything...

The very best manager

Reviewed: July 2, 2020


Siegel Suites

I've been at Checkmate for over 6 yrs now. We had many managers here the first couple of years, none of whom did much for the property or tenants. Until Victoria arrived! This woman has been amazing through this pandemic. She has made sure everyone here got fed when they couldn't afford it. gave us masks if we couldn't find any. She cares deeply for us all. I can easily say that Victoria is an incredible asset to Siegel. She got all the riff raff people out, it's quiet here now. No gangs around, no police here every day, it's just home. And she made it that way. I've seen her deal with emergencies all night long, but still at her office ready to go at 8 and a smile on her face. She got rid of all the violent homeless people across the street even. She kept up on calling police and UNLV, who owns the property, until the danger was removed. She didn't give up. That is her nature. She is kind, honest and a great person. She's also a strong woman who gets things done. And we appreciate her to no end. I only ask that you never move Victoria from Checkmate! Like I said, she's made this place home. And it wasn't an easy task due to poor management prior to her arrival. Thank you for your time, have a lovely day.

I hope you continue the program

Reviewed: June 30, 2020


Siegel Suites

I hope you continue the program with the bagel shop up on twain. My husband, Paul, really enjoys the sandwich, chips and a fruit. We got went coupons yesterday, when I paid the monthly rent. This is a program that brings happiness to my husband and myself. With Pauls dementia, I am always looking for ways to engage him in everyday things. Paul looks forward to the simple sandwich and the chips. When I use the last coupon he looks forward to the coupons in the next rent cycle. He has really enjoyed this program the past few months that the siegel suites swenson has had this program. Thank you for all the things that are done for the tenants.

Great stay

Reviewed: June 18, 2020


Siegel Suites

I had a great stay the room was wonderful and all the staff was great especially Chris. He is a wonderful employee and deserves a raise!

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