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Siegel Reviews

Great Place

Reviewed: February 4, 2018

Donald M

Siegel Suites Tolleson - 1204 N 91St Avenue

Great place to stay love the management they are good people who make you feel like your family. Always smiling and with great attitude.

Nice Staff

Reviewed: February 2, 2018

Rachelle S

Siegel Suites Virginian - 140 North Virginia Street

They are a great place. The staff is really nice.

Five Stars

Reviewed: January 17, 2018

Eric C

Siegel Suites Nevadan - 133 N. Virginia Ave

Five stars go to the staff. I have been here since October 2017 and have had very few issues. Any issues that came up were quickly and professionally handled by the friendly staff. The building is old but they handle upkeep as best as they can. No pests, no crime in the building due to background checks. I like it. ... it's a bit pricey... BUT, the room is nicely furnished and quiet. I can can't say enough good things about the manager and staff. They are just awesome.

Outstanding CSR

Reviewed: January 17, 2018

Ric St John

Siegel Suites Twain - 455 E. Twain Ave

I have been living at your Twain 1 property, located at 455 E. Twain, for one week. Without the assistance of CSR Victoria Sesma, I don't believe that would be the case. I needed an apartment immediately, and when I stopped in to check availability, Victoria was extremely helpful. She said she didn't have one available as of yet, but after hearing my dilemma, she assured me she would have one. When I called on the afternoon of the 6th, Victoria confirmed I would have my residence by 9am the following day. I feel it necessary for you to know what kind of employee you have. She is courteous and kind, understanding, and has gone the extra mile for me on more than one occasion. I know that many who correspond do so to make a complaint, yet very few want to praise. I hope you see this not only as a praise, but as a declaration to the people you have running your property. She is an irreplaceable asset, and you need to recognize this.

Upgrade from Budget Lodge

Reviewed: January 15, 2018

Whitney Loren

Siegel Suites San Antonio - 11350 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy

Siegel suites it's a great place to stay me and my husband love it here. I have lived here about 6 months and don't plan on going anywhere .The staff are so nice,personable and laid back they don't ever get into your business and your privacy is never invaded by the staff (Which is very rare) The property manager **Allison** is AWESOME at what she does and honestly we couldn't ask for a better person running this complex. She's stern yet understanding, kind, VERY fair but doesn't play no games she means business and you can really tell she takes pride in what she does! And I can't wait to see what she has planned for Siegel Suites. The new laundry mat is so convient with brand new washers and dryers(super cheap) also they have pest control come in once or twice a month and the bugs from Budget are completely gone thank God! I have seen 2 German roaches in almost 4 months! (I seen 2 every 15mins when it was Budget Lodge) When I first moved in it was The Budget and I have to give props because in that short amount of time that **Allison** has been running Siegel, there already has been such improvements! We are excited for the future! 😁😁😁 also sign up for there rewards program (siegel rewards) Siegel will bless you with really nice gifts whenever you pay your rent on time! U can either get prizes or rent taken off its pretty sweet! started stripping the furniture out of alot of rooms on the other side of us today so the rooms will have new everything! A reasonable price for a studio apartment and all bills are included! Pool fitness center Cable and Wi-Fi. I do highly recommend Siegel suites to anyone looking for a nice quiet reasonable room. It's definitely a huge upgrade from the Ole Budget Lodge. 😁😎😍

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