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MOST incredible staff

Reviewed: July 1, 2022


Siegel Suites Senator

Casey is sweet and thoughtful , and I feel completely safe and comfortable with Rick, the maintenance man, around. I love the way they are all so accommodating and generous. I made mention of needing a table, and Rick brought one up to me just a couple days later! Amazing people. Amazing place. Thank you

About Twain 3 (2022 Edition)

Reviewed: May 5, 2022


Siegel Suites Twain Iii

My Family Love this home and i love it too my friends got to know my apartment complex we've moved To Texas to Nevada (It Was a long trip my family and i are never moving out of here

Moved here from CA

Reviewed: April 18, 2022


Siegel Suites All Las Vegas

This Manager we got is AMAZING I moved here from California just to be at THIS property because of her" we spoke faithfully as I inquired near daily about a 2st floor unit and true to her word she contacted me as soon as one was available so I loaded up and drove all night to secure it" that was 2 1/2 years ago by the way so I'm telling you all that me coming from being in property management myself for many years this child is on here stuff she dosen't miss a beat and her energy is just so fantastic always smiling and just making my husband and I feel so wanted here" we just received our rent increase from her and we will NOT be leaving this woman so we didn't even bat an eye to the paper she handed us" we will pay a bit more because MISS VICTORIA IS A GODSEND AND WE LOVE HER. Appreciate you all for hiring such a wonderful woman.

Excellent manager

Reviewed: February 21, 2022


Siegel Suites Tucson

The gentleman whose name is Chris is excellent. Give him a raise! He is always considerate, respectful and professional. He is a pleasure to work with which is amazing considering some of the things he puts up with


Reviewed: February 9, 2022


Siegel Suites Mlk

front desk girls are awesome! thank you

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