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The Staff and the Property are Amazing

Reviewed: September 14, 2018

Pat Driscoll

Siegel Suites Albuquerque

I arrived at Siegel Suites on Hotel Circle in Albuquerque on September 27, 2017, for a two week stay while I finished repairs on a house. My experience at Siegel Suites just keeps getting better. There were plenty of advantages at the start; the immediate, no hassle, flex stay, one payment, furnished including a full size fridge & microwave, enabled me to straddle what proved to be an 11 plus month fence knowing I had the essentials in place. But beyond that, Tammy Jordan-Kimball, Kerry Toles, Beverly Blankenship Cox & others provided a community that kept me from being isolated during a particularly challenging time. Siegel, through Tammy, Kerry, Beverly & Mr Security ;-), works hard to provide the best atmosphere possible in the less than ideal circumstances many of us find ourselves! They do that practically, in terms of improvements & maintenance, but they also do it by handling the many details of housing & the challenges of sharing space with strangers that would presently be overwhelming for me & for all of that I am deeply grateful!

Boulder II – I’m Impressed!

Reviewed: September 13, 2018

Mike Ramz

Siegel Suites Boulder II

For the price that I paid to stay there, the room was much better than I had expected it to be. The service from the staff has been very reasonable and professional.

Allison at El Cortez is the Best!

Reviewed: September 12, 2018

Martin Leggett

Siegel Suites El Cortez

  Allison continues to get things done here. She was able to get the wifi service provider to provide a better wifi connection speed. Now I am able to get truly hi-speed internet. She has also made sure this place is clean. Allison is doing a great job!

Phoenix is the Best!

Reviewed: September 7, 2018

Frank Godina

Siegel Suites Phoenix

Phoenix is the best Siegel Suites I've found!

Albuquerque Renovations

Reviewed: September 6, 2018

Kevin Molina

Siegel Suites Albuquerque

The renovation on the place looks great!

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