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Friendly Staff

Reviewed: April 18, 2018

Ric St John

Siegel Suites Twain - 455 E. Twain Ave

My name is Ric, and I've lived at SS-1 since the first week of January, this year. Although the front office is always so helpful, one person in particular has made my stay here much more accommodating... Malik, in maintenance. Not only is he always so personable and friendly every time I see him, but he has assisted me in developing my own 'comforts'. One work order I placed was that the bath tub drain was taking over one hour to drain. Knowing how necessary my shower was to me, he immediately responded to my dilemma. After a few moments of snaking out the drain, Malik withdrew a ball of hair the size of an eclair!! Now, the most thoughtful gesture I have ever had anyone do for me. I am a graveyard employee. Malik knows from doing the drain, that I sleep in the front room, nearest to the TV. Even though the Sun does not hit my windows directly, it still brightens up my room, making it almost impossible to sleep. Was I ever surprised (and very appreciative) when Malik showed up outside my window one day, hanging a giant pre-fabricated screen. The blackout screen still allows enough light in, but diminishes the brightness exceptionally well, allowing me to sleep better. For that, I could never thank him enough. He has the 'kindness' gene, which means he does everything to try and please the tenants, including me, in a thoughtful and considerate manner. Every morning, when I arrive from work, he always gives me a polite greeting, after which we fist pound each other, much like I do with most of my other friends. And I am honored to be his friend, as well. My intended purpose with this email is to enlighten all of you who don't see what he means to this property. And if this doesn't open your eyes, then nothing will. I'm still here, as are many others I'm sure, because of him. Malik deserves to know, from all of you, just how valuable he is. Anything less is just disgraceful.

The staff is AMAZING!

Reviewed: March 19, 2018


Siegel Suites Virginian - 140 North Virginia Street

Compared to the other Siegel Suites, this by far is #1... WoW!! The staff is AMAZING! The rooms are quite and super clean, and I feel safe, and I love my view... Thank you

A Valued Service

Reviewed: March 19, 2018

John M

Siegel Suites Phoenix - 1241 North 53rd Avenue

My name is John Meissner, and for the past three weeks, I have been staying at your new Siegel suites location on 53rd Ave in Phoenix. The place has been under renovation and your staff has been most helpful at accommodating my busy schedule. Spring training has caused rooms to be extremely scarce these past few weeks, and your staff has been most accommodating. I would like to make particular note of one of your maintenance people, John Ferraro, has gone above and beyond to make my stay here as pleasant as possible, especially considering the renovation work being done. I am sure he is very busy, but he has made sure all of my needs are taken care of promptly, yet on my schedule. I would also like to note one of your helpful office staff. Unfortunately, I cannot remember her name. She is a very attentive and responsible young lady. I’ve stayed at one of your other facilities, and I can definitely say your business model offers the Phoenix area a valued service.

Convention Center

Reviewed: February 21, 2018

Josephine Kirklin

Siegel Suites All Las Vegas

Wonderful staff at the Seigel Suites and Siegel Select. Convention Center Dr. Las Vegas NV. Been here for almost a year and half and I had no problems at all. Chelsea is the manager and is a great person works with guest very well.

Clean and Quiet

Reviewed: February 12, 2018

David B

Siegel Suites Tolleson - 1204 N 91St Avenue

Clean and quiet. Manager is very cool. Jaime in the office is just the best. Been a great place to stay and would recommend this location above all the others.

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