Siegel Reviews

Totally Impressed

Reviewed: September 22, 2017

Debra Montez

Siegel Suites Boulder II

Please be advised that I have been a tenant of Boulder II for going on two months now and I am totally impressed with your Property Manager, Ms. Ken Felder. It is because of Ms. Felders consciousness, hard work and true concern for the well being of this building and everyone who lives here, that Siegel Suites Boulder II is the safest, cleanest and most professionally managed of all the Siegel Suites I have been to. Felder goes far above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that each resident has a safe environment to call home. In spite of all the challenges that go along with running a property on Boulder Highway, ie, drugs, homelessness, crime, police activity to name a few, I have observed Felder boldly and courageously tackle each issue with confidence and tenacity. Felder and her equally dedicated office staff Asia and Natasha are responsible for making Siegel Suites, Boulder II the absolutely best run suites of all times. I truly hope you are aware of what a remarkable employee you have.

Thanks Tami

Reviewed: September 20, 2017

Deborah Kittleson

Siegel Suites Albuquerque

The rooms are large and clean the staff is great. I applaud Tami and the staff for their great help.

Love it Here!

Reviewed: September 8, 2017

Drea Marie Butner

Siegel Suites Sparks

Love it here ! It's a quiet, nice area and I feel safe especially with my kids. I've lived at other locations in downtown Reno and this is by far the best one out here. It's very clean well kept. You don't have to worry about any type of bugs . Management and staff are great !

Great Service

Reviewed: September 6, 2017

Cathy Gaehwiler

Siegel Suites Las Vegas Blvd

I am resident at your property located at in Las Vegas, NV. I would like to bring to your attention that your employee Tracy Holys who works at the front desk in our building. Tracy Holys exemplifies excellent customer customer service skills. She goes above and beyond to help all the tenants with what ever there needs are. Tracy always has an upbeat personality and a smile. I wanted to bring to your attention Tracy's outstanding abilities and customer service skills.

Excellent Service

Reviewed: August 29, 2017

Monique Wright

Siegel Suites Twain II

To whom this may concern, I am writing to you to share the amazing experience I had upon check-in. I am visiting the Las Vegas area for work , and I was looking for proper hotel accommodations for the remainder of my stay. I checked into your Twain II location and Victoria and Nicole were more than helpful. Their customer service was exceptional And they went above and beyond to make sure that me, a woman traveling alone felt safe and comfortable at your property. The property itself has been exceptionally peaceful and these two women have been courteous friendly and very knowledgeable, I look forward to using your property in the future and have enjoyed my stay , thus far!

Siegel Suites Albuquerque

Reviewed: August 7, 2017


Siegel Suites Albuquerque

Thought it was pretty decent! Nice room, and TAMMY and Felicia are really nice! Great AC and nice, strong shower. Room was clean and modern. Near TARGET and major bus routes. Kinda sketchy at night, tho...? Lots of police activity...the good thing about that, tho, is that if you act the fool, they'll call the cops immediately...a couple of times, I heard domestic disputes, and the cops showed up right away. Plus, it's got a nice laundry room, 2 $ to wash and dry a full load! I liked it!!

Thank you Allison

Reviewed: June 29, 2017

Dee Kleszczynski

Siegel Suites McDowell

I must say that Allison who works there in office is great!! From the time I spoke with her on phone to when I checked in she was very knowledgeable, professional and excellent customer service. Wish they had more like her. Thanks Allison for making the whole process comforting!!!

I Love it Here!

Reviewed: May 2, 2017

Loren Braden & Juan Barajas

Siegel Suites Paradise

The staff here is exceptional. John and Jorge are great and Lucera is the best. Liz and Sabana are awesome.Paradise complex is home for myself and my roommate.Thank you for giving us such a great staff and a place to live.Loren Braden & Juan Barajas

Very Nice!

Reviewed: April 28, 2017

Rhonda Robison

Siegel Suites Boulder

Tenant of six months would like to compliment to: Nicole, Jerry & Cindy! Staff is exceptional, very nice, & helpful! Extra kudos to Nicole! Maintenance addresses issues immediately. She is very happy with the service & people.

Great Stay

Reviewed: March 21, 2017

Leo & Ann Mysliwiec

Siegel Suites Las Vegas Blvd

Good afternoon!Recently returned from staying at south Las Vegas Blvd property. Nicole Marshall Gm. Shonna, Tracy, entire housekeeping and maintenance staff excellent. All our requests promptly handled. Great location, looking forward to our return 2018. Thanks to all.Leo & Ann Mysliwiec

Some Kind Words for Staff

Reviewed: January 31, 2017

Shelley Felix

Siegel Suites Virginian

Good afternoon!My name is Shelley Felix and I am a new resident at The Virginian in Reno, NV. I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback regarding the staff here – Amanda, Tammi, and the maintenance crew (Don, Nacho, and I believe one other?)This team has been FANTASTIC, from the time I came to see my apartment with Tammi, to any maintenance requests I've had since moving in! I’ve had a couple of little maintenance issues, and Tammi got right on my request and had maintenance take care of them in less than an hour! Paying rent is easy, no drama, Tammi is detailed and efficient, and explains any answers to questions I have clearly. Everyone here is so friendly and they all seem to genuinely care for the residents. I’ve worked in property management for years, and in Reno for the last 6 years, Amanda and her staff are THE BEST I’ve come across to date! I never feel “awkward” or like I'm bothering them. Every time I go to the front desk, Tammi and Amanda are welcoming and always have smiles on their faces! The maintenance guys always say hello if you see them in the building. They really are just an overall great team and I’m very glad I chose this property to call “home”, hopefully for many years!In today’s world, it is hard to find folks who know the meaning of “GOOD customer service”, but this team nails it, every time. I hope they are recognized for their efforts as they are very deserving! I plan on being here for a very long time, and I find a lot of comfort in knowing this staff are always here and ready to help!So GOOD JOB, MANY KUDOS, AND WITH SINCERE THANKS, to Amanda and her staff, for everything! 🙂

We’re Finally Home

Reviewed: December 18, 2016

Jewell Wells

Siegel Suites MLK

My fiance and I moved in about a week ago. We have stayed at multiple Budget Suites and the Kensington Suites prior. This is, by far, the best option..The apartment is an actual apartment with a turn key. Rose informed us upon moving in that the buildings themselves were originally built as loft, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments- it was not originally a Siegel. It certainly looks and feels more like home than any other weekly anywhere in town.Oh yeah, as if I need to list any more reasons why this place trumps every other- they have a rewards program, free to enroll on a computer in the office when you check in, that gives you points every time you pay rent. You can use the points to get free things online.So I don't know about all these other reviews but.. very happy couple here. Rose is great, and from what I've heard she is new to the property and from what I've seen, she's really helping to make it better around here. Thanks, Siegel! We're finally home.

Excellent Customer Service

Reviewed: June 18, 2016

Laura Webb

Siegel Suites McDowell

I just wanted to send you a brief note to let you know that I have received exceptional customer service at one of your facilities.I put in a service call less than 24 hours ago for some minor issues in a 2-bed apartment that I am renting and not only did your onsite Manager, Scott, personally attend to one of the issues within an hour, but one of his maintenance representatives was at the unit first thing this morning to replace a leaky sink faucet and microwave.I was not at the place of residence at the time, but my daughter, was onsite and told me that the customer service that she received was outstanding. The maintenance technician was friendly, competent and professional.Since I have moved to this location just over 30 days ago, I have received excellent customer service from your Manager, Scott, Assistant Manager Bill and the entire front office staff and maintenance staff, even down to the Security personnel.I will be honest, I was not expecting to be this satisfied living in a temporary environment, but the experiences that I have had have been greater than those at even some of my long term residences.Thank you for hiring such friendly, competent and professional individuals to run your facility.

Siegel Suites McDowell

Reviewed: April 18, 2016

Noel Possidente

Siegel Suites McDowell

Just wanted to what a good job your doing! I've been living at your Phoenix, AZ (8225 W McDowell Road) Location that you just presently bought. Been here a long time and I must say that you've made it a nice place to live again! The management and personnel are good people!! THANK YOU!! A RESIDENT OF 12 YEARS NEXT MONTH. GOOD TO SEE YOU ALL CARE.

Siegel Suites Tropicana

Reviewed: December 17, 2015

Christine Petty

Siegel Suites Tropicana

Hello we wanted to thank John, the regional manager, who we met at your Tropicana location. We pulled into town last week weary and tired in a UHaul. We rented a place by you because we recently moved back to Las Vegas from California after residing there for several years. We were helping family members, some of whom have since passed, so we thought it was time to come back here. I, myself, grew up and graduated high school from here and my husband, Mark, also lived here before. So we decided to move back here with our seven year old son, Mark Jr., in the hopes to give him a better life, while making it more affordable for us, especially at the holidays. While all of our stuff is in storage and with no transportation, it has been trying times to say the least. In the meantime, John was very kind in helping us with our stay. Hopefully we will be able to stay, while we get on our feet and establish residency, employment, and transportation again. I just wanted to say that all of your staff at Tropicana has been very very kind. Thank you all again. Merry Christmas to you!

Siegel Suites Charleston II

Reviewed: August 26, 2015

John Starks

Siegel Suites Charleston II

I need to express my total pleasure in residing here. In my first month residing here, I was of the opinion that this type of living was not conducive to myself. It has now been about 2 years since I have resided here, and I do not plan on moving elsewhere. This decision is totally predicated on the dedicated, professional, attitude of the property manager Rhonda Armstrong. She makes living here a pleasure, with her caring nature. Ms. Armstrong takes the time to know her residents, and her staff has been trained in a manner that reflects Ms. Armstrong's management philosophy which is one of a professional, caring attitude. I can truly state that I am proud to be a resident here, and if not for Ms. Armstrong, I would have relocated a long time ago. I want to thank her through this message. Job well done.

Siegel Suites Cambridge

Reviewed: May 8, 2015

Thomas Ausmus

Siegel Suites Cambridge

I've been wanting to write for some time now. I wanted to simply say "Thank You" for the Siegel Suites that your company provides throughout the greater Las Vegas area and in particular, Siegel Suites Cambridge.I have found in life, that simple "Thank You's" go a long way and I wanted to take time out to say so today. As silly as this may sound, when all hell broke loose in 2008 and the economy decimated people all across America, my little apartment at Siegel Suites Cambridge, was the only stable thing in my life. "Thank you."

Siegel Suites Bonanza

Reviewed: October 20, 2014

Carin Hamilton

Siegel Suites Bonanza

I'm confused why no one has given Siegel Suites Bonanza any reviews on here. Andreas, the on property maintainance, is the best! All the residents living here adore him and his wife Monica, the housekeeper. Ivy, the manager, is very attentive to what you tell him. There may be a few troublesome people that end up renting a room here, but trust and believe Ivy is on top of getting rid of the trouble makers. I'm happy living here and pleased to have chosen the Bonanza property to call my home.


Reviewed: April 1, 2014

David Kaliner

Siegel Suites Charleston

I would like to commend Julie McClelland (General Manager) and Link (Handyman) on the nice work they have been doing at Siegel Suites at 401 East Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104.As a resident since last August, I've seen Julie go above and beyond her duties to offer the complex exceptional customer service. Julie has been quite approachable and helpful. I have often witnessed her taking the time to clean the property, especially when she gathers numerous pieces of trash blown about on some of these truly windy days lately. She is a real asset to your company.In my estimation, Julie is kept extremely busy during the majority of her shifts. Both Julie and Link were instrumental in fixing a toilet that wouldn't flush last week. She also listened to my concerns about a lighting fixture that I believe sometimes causes a power surge and uses excessive energy (likely resulting in increased utilities one month). She interacts very well with tenants, seems familiar with her computer and paperwork, is patient, upbeat, and appears to have a firm grasp of all necessary administrative duties.Link is also adept at his job. He, too, is a hard worker. Link certainly possesses the home maintenance and plumbing skills required for your property's success.Therefore, I believe that Julie and Link deserve to be recognized for the notable work they've done at Siegel Suites. Thank you so much.

Thank you Siegel Suites!

Reviewed: August 16, 2013

Susan Fanuele Shepherd

Siegel Suites Paradise

My husband and I came to Las Vegas in January of this year. I am a cancer patient. We left our home and everything we own in Daytona Beach, Fla. Hoping for a cure to what we were told will be terminal cancer HERS2+. Our experience from leaving home and adjusting to not only our normal life but from living in our Condo on the beach to a room. I want to thank all of the staff at the Siegel Suits Paradise as they have made things as comfortable for us as possible. Knowing what we were going thru and the royal treatment we have received is not found in many places. We love the facilities. The other residents have been great and I would recommend this place to anyone in the world. Our experiences have been great and they have been much appreciated. Thank you Siegel Suits and we will definitely be returning in the future.

Siegel Suitess Cambridge

Reviewed: August 2, 2013

Karen S.

Siegel Suites Cambridge

Stayed at Siegel Suites Cambridge while my apartment was getting remodeled. Really enjoyed the flexibility to be able to stay for one week or two or a month if I would have needed it. Rose, is amazing and has the best customer service skills. I felt like she was my personal concierge. I just want to say thank you to the staff there and let them know that I will be refering to them anyone I know needing transitional housing!

A great place to live!

Reviewed: August 1, 2013

Jack T.

Siegel Suites Checkmate

I usually don't write reviews but this is something I have to share. I found Siegel Suites Checkmate by accident and I'm sure glad I did! The property is gorgeous, the price is right, the rooms are spotless and very well maintained. The Manager, Michael Hand, is excellent at his job. You do not have to sign a lease, there is no credit check and no deposits. They have an awesome rewards program - its easy...just pay your rent and get "free" stuff!!! What more could you ask for?? If your looking for a place to live, check out Siegel Suites!!!

Siegel Suites Fremont!

Reviewed: July 19, 2013

Darrell G.

Siegel Suites Fremont

I have been here for 2 weeks now. I was looking for an affordable place for myself. Siegel suites Fremont is the place. I moved in to one of their newly remodeled rooms, it's wonderful. The staff is excellent and I love the convenience of being the bus line. i'm so happy that this was my first stop when I made it to Vegas. Kudos to the staff, and the management.

I love this place!

Reviewed: July 17, 2013

Brad R.

Siegel Suites Cambridge

I came to Vegas in May, didnt know where I was going to stay I came across extented stays around Vegas, Found one on Cambridge when I got there the staff greated me with a smile, the room was very clean, I love it here.

To whom it may concern

Reviewed: February 21, 2013

Nancy Caudill

Siegel Suites Las Vegas Blvd

I am writing to commend one of your property managers. Glen Harper, Manager of the Siegel at 700 N. LV Blvd. Is very professional, friendly, and efficent. His assistant and other staff there have show the same qualities.A friend of mine lived there recently for about 3 months...durning a very stressful time for him. Mr. Harper proved to be a very understanind and el helpful. I wish to thank him and his staff for this.I hope Mr. Haper is exemplary of all your employees. The best to you all in this New Year!

Love The Staff

Reviewed: December 14, 2012

Stace Luanne

Siegel Suites Boulder

I stayed at Siegel Suites for about 3 months on a work trip. I usually dont post reviews, but I had to post one about this place. I cant believe the customer service I got here. They went above and beyond with anything I asked. From now on I will always come to this Siegel Suites EVERYTIME I come to Vegas. I wont ever stay anywhere else.

Staying longer than I planned!

Reviewed: October 11, 2012

Roger S.

Siegel Suites Mesquite

I am very happy at the Mesquite property . My original plan was to stay for a week, but I paid for three more weeks today. I also want compliment Lisa and Victor for their great customer service. Lisa is very pleasant and helpful. He wanted a first floor room but she was sold out so he took 2nd floor. Lisa had victor help him unload his car and carry everything up the stairs. I like how Lisa and Victor are constantly checking on me and are out and about checking the property. I feel very safe and secure and like that it's very clean. Im also retired military.

Accommodating Staff

Reviewed: September 11, 2012

Tracy M.

Siegel Suites Paradise

I recently stayed at the Siegel Suites on 2000 Paradise in a one bedroom from Sept. 7-29. For this type of lodging, it was fantastic. The staff was very attentive and accomodating. I especially enjoyed my interaction with the hotel manager Fran, she is great. No matter what I came to her with ( which wasn't much), she was very gracious and truly went out of her way to resolve it. She represnted what customer service is truly about. I am in the industry and have worked along side many and she is tops in my book. Thank you Fran.

Quiet & Clean!

Reviewed: January 1, 2012

Jaii V

Siegel Suites Craig

Friendly staff, they fix stuff quickly! the office staff always helpful,when I have a quiestion! Fran and Sam, take good care of us here. Its walking distance to superwalmart, which is nice, and they give you coupons to go eat at Slots and Suites! Internet works pretty good. Cable could be better, but at least there showtime to watch. I pay my rent and I have no other bills. Definitely, worth checking this place out.


Reviewed: August 8, 2011

Mark H.

Siegel Suites Boulder

What a great experience! The staff is warm, friendly & knowledgable. My apartment is completely furnished and soooooooooooo affordable. I have been completely satisfied with this property and it's staff. They definitely have found a repeat customer!