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Kat was wonderful @ Reno 7th st

Reviewed: March 11, 2024

George Halter III

Siegel Suites 7th Street

My name is George I'm a First time renter With Siegel Suites and I wanted you to know What a amazing employee Kat from Seventh Street Apartments in Reno is From the moment I walked into the office She was personable inviting and welcoming to me with a professional attitude Not only did she answer all my questions but she was so helpful and treated me the way a customer should be treated I have a dog I'm training to be a service dog to work with autistic kids I just started a new job at the Adaptive handicap ski school at Alpine Meadows Kat was so helpful in finding me just the right apartment to make our stay the best for me to train my dog Gracie to work with these disadvantaged children You have a winner in kat I just need to let you know what a great job she does and what a great representative she is for your company

Long Term tenants

Reviewed: January 22, 2024


Siegel Suites Shreveport

My name is Cody. My father & I are both long term tenants at Siegel Suiters Shreveport. Since moving here, I’ve found the staff to be efficient, friendly, and accommodating. Any concerns or issues I’ve had have all been met with resolution. Appliances and furniture with wear & tear have all been repaired or replaced promptly. The general standard for the grounds (cleanliness, security) is seemingly very high. It does truly feel like Siegel Suites cares, and my father & I appreciate it.


Reviewed: October 30, 2023


Siegel Suites El Cortez

Hellow, My Name Is Cheresa, & I Have Lived Here At The El Cortez For 3 Yrs. & 9 Months. Brei Our Manager Is, Absolutely, One Of The Most, Professional, Level-Headed, & Sweetest & Caring Individuals, That I Have Ever Had Come Across Under Her Care. I Speak Of Integrity, & Compassion, & A Great Problem Silver, Cause, Somebody Stold Money Off Of My Direct Express Master Card, Twice, Awhile Back, & Brei Always Encouraged Me, Time & Time Again Not To Give Up, & So I Preservered Just Like She Would Of With Her Outstanding Belief In Me, & Helped Me Get Back On The Line & Start All Over Again. It All Worked. Her Ideals, Beliefs, & Values Is What Saved Me & My Horrible Situation. And Whenever I Had Another Guest That Lives Here, Harassing, Me, Slandering Me, & Calling Me Names, Right In Front Of Brei. She Went Straight To The Lady, Herself, & Handled The Ugly Situation At Hand, With The Utmost Class, Accomplishment Of Servitude & Intelligence, That Proved To Be Unsurmountable...!! I Have Always Grown To Love Brei For All That She Has Done For Me, & Still Does For Me. She Is A Very Easy Person To Talk Too, Concerning Any Type Of Problems, That I May Have...! And She Is Very Understanding & Personable & Mature Manager That I Have Ever Been Blessed With, In My Whole Life....!! Sincerely, & Respectfully, Cheresa

Maintenanace crew

Reviewed: October 30, 2023


Siegel Suites Columbia

I just wanted to say that's the maintenance crew here at seagulls Columbia are wonderful the older gentleman who is a part of the maintenance here for more than several years is very kind supportive and understanding man. Even with his busy schedule he always find time to chat and see if me and my family are doing well and that everything is working will in my unit.

Great Management

Reviewed: October 2, 2023


Siegel Suites Checkmate

I live at checkmate. I have for over 10 yrs now. I must say thank you again for sending Natalie here! She is the nicest, most efficient person I've ever met. She really cares, all maintenance needs are met with a smile and she's a really nice lady. She even has, on her own time, done a wellness check just to see if I'm ok as I am disabled. She'll make you laugh even on a bad day, she's an asset to Siegel, and to the residents here. Just wanted to say thank you again for placing Natalie here! It's a much safer property now, and that's truly appreciated.

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